[Distribution period ends] "Sing Alone" Tour FINAL

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Raychell's first live streaming for her solo performance! Includes "Sing Alone", at Kanda Myojin Hall, Tokyo on July 1, 2023!

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After a tour in Aichi, Fukuoka, and Osaka, the final performance in Tokyo will be organized as a band! In addition, a special unit will be formed for this day only, with "Risa Tsumugi" as a guest! Bonus video added in the archive streaming!! 【Tokyo performance performers】 Raychell Hisashi Nawata(Key) Masahiro Machida(Gt) Minoshima Shingo(Ba) Kenzo Ueki(Dr)a.k.a KNZ DJ Taiki(DJ) Risa Tsumugi(Guest) 【Organizer】Ace Crew Entertainment inc. 【Production cooperation】LIVE EXSAM INC. 【Streaming Date】 Tokyo Kanda Myoujin Hall:17:30 start Sat. July 1st(Performance time: 2 hour) * No opening act streaming * Archive streaming will be available at a later date (with bonus video) * Tickets can be purchased from overseas (Southeast Asia Area) 【Archive streaming】 Planned to start from Sat. July 8th, until 23:59 Sun. July 23nd 【Contents】 Following angles are switching free during the show. You can watch it over and over again, so please thoroughly enjoy the show with all angles. Angles: Vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, DJs, and the whole stage 【Notes】 There are some songs limited for visitors during the live. The sound will not be delivered during the performance of those limited songs. Streaming viewers can enjoy the video only. No opening act streaming. 【Ticket Price】4,500 JPY (tax included) 【Purchasing Period】 by 19:00 Sunday, July 23nd 2023 【Payment Methods】 Credit card payment, Google Pay, Apple Pay, prepaid payment such as bundle card

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"Sing Alone" Tour FINAL
Special video 1 (1 angle only)
Special video 2 (1 angle only)

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